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New Year

Well here it is again, that made-up date we call New Year. I say made up, because the calendar has changed several times over the centuries. Also the old Celtic New Year was Samhain, or Halloween, the chinese New Year … Continue reading

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Christmas….where did that come from?

OOPS! it’s nearly Christmas and I’ve hardly got anything prepared. I usually have my cake made, fully loaded with brandy, nicely decorated with home-made marzipan and icing. Looks like a shop bought one, which I’ll be doing tomorrow morning at about … Continue reading

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Chillie Willies

Well what can I say, I’ve seen willies shaped like mushrooms, but never seen Chillies shaped like willies! Not quite sure what guests would think if I served these up, stuffed with cream cheese as an hors d’ouve. Yet for … Continue reading

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PC lessons and pranks

Well it’s nearly time to visit my parent’s for Christmas. It’ll be the first time I’ve spent any time a Christmas with them in over 14 years. This isn’t because we don’t get on, its firstly because I usually work … Continue reading

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Its Cold?

Why is it that people love to state the obvious? Yes it is cold, its winter and there’s frost on everything. “What gave away the fact that I’m cold? was it the fact my knees are knocking? Teeth chattering? Breath … Continue reading

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Sensuality and Clothing

To be clothed or unclothed…..that is the question. It has been said that “clothes maketh the man”, Mmmmm yes well, not quite sure what that makes me then. I wouldn’t class myself as a cross dresser…apart from when I can’t find … Continue reading

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“What’s SHE come as?”

I have just got back from the capital of campness today…Brighton.  Had a lovely couple of nights in the gorgeous Victorian sea-side town, famed for its nice restaurants, antique shops and eclectic boutique designer shopping. You’d think that with a name like Randy … Continue reading

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the word for today is AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

Multi tasking……who says a man can’t multi task. I am at present making lunch, grouting the kitchen tiles, washing up, preparing clothes for a weekend away with a friend, getting my flat ready for my Beau picking me up to … Continue reading

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