“What’s SHE come as?”

Hiyaaaaaaaaa "What's SHE come as?"

I have just got back from the capital of campness today…Brighton.  Had a lovely couple of nights in the gorgeous Victorian sea-side town, famed for its nice restaurants, antique shops and eclectic boutique designer shopping.

You’d think that with a name like Randy Wornhole; wearing sparkly long eyelashes, glittered lipstick and high heels would make me the campest thing to walk the streets of Brighton, also famed for being the gay capital of the UK………BUT NO.

It is quite amusing seeing a bar full of men sporting FULL beards, work jeans, lumberjack shirts all drinking real ale in the gay capital. One would be mistaken to think that you had entered some hard straight man’s after work pub.

Look a little closer, beyond the carefully constructed LOOK, and you will notice that every one of them is mouthing the words exactly to the Kylie track playing on the stereo. Not only that but their little bottoms are wriggling from side to side, precisely following the beat. Next you’ll also notice that many of these men are also causing a severe draft with the speed their hands are gesticulating as they talk to each other, their lips over emphasising each word like they are talking English to a foreigner. If their hands stop moving in a “Jazz Hands” movement long enough to see them, they are all moisturized, nails trimmed, some are even polished.

This look is as much a costume as any decent drag queen worth her salt wears. The really funny thing is when someone walks through the door with a little make-up on and wearing jewellery, their over fast lips start mouthing “How camp is she?” as they continue to wiggle and glide to the next track which is: “OMG Its Shirley Bassey….I just love her.”

Even though I am wearing my extra long fluttery eyelashes…..I STILL FEEL LIKE THE BUTCHEST MAN IN THE VILLAGE. LOL



About rhythmtherapy

I am incurable, I don't have an infection apart from my rather, sick at times, sense of humour. I see the funny side of most of life and am the QUEEN of inuendo. I make no apologise for swearing as I find it adds real passion to what I say.
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4 Responses to “What’s SHE come as?”

  1. chriscaff says:

    Now you butch? That’ll be the be the day, ay ay that I die……..laughing!

  2. Fulani says:

    They are lumberjacks and they’re OK?? It leaves me wondering if the look originated in that Monty Python sketch, or maybe it’s been around for longer and they just picked up on it or popularised it?

    There are quite a few ‘styles’ out there – I was recently talking with someone who said there’s a big ‘footballer’ thing going on with men turning up at gay bars looking for all the world as if they’re ready to run on pitch, and weirdly the skinhead look has been reappropriated as well.

    You’re right, though – whatever the ‘look’ a huge amount of work and detail goes into it.

    • Its the 1980’s all over again. Back in the day all the gay bars were full of cowboys, lumberjacks, thick facial hair and workwear…think YMCA and the Village people, at the time all the straight guys were wearing more make-up than the women on the Boots counter, and more lace than a Laura Ashley clothing display lol. Go figure.

  3. Wiggle those hips, darling! We love OTT people! VelvetTripp

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