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Let Them Eat Fruit!

Its funny when people take you literally. I was at the barbers this morning, always a joy to get my haircut, especially seeing that it is two months since I last had it cut…..My lovely Mohawk had got to the … Continue reading

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what to write? INSPIRATION

I come on here sometimes to have a look, review what I’ve written, check out what others have written or just to “hang out”. I don’t always know if I’ll post or not. when the urge takes me I’m not … Continue reading

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Mr Fix-it

Well the last blog I posted reminded me of an incident that happened a few years ago at a festival down in Dorset. It was a rather mixed theatrical kind of gathering, with all sorts of faery folk and performers … Continue reading

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Always good to have “insider” knowledge

Being of the male persuasion…most of the time, and having lots of female friends, and also because my main job is in sexual health, I become privvy to lots of informaton and advice from women of all ages. The topics … Continue reading

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Old Ladies’ Humour

I love the humour of old ladies. They just say exactly what they think, often this is when they are widowed. On a few occasions I have been privy to their humour and philosophy: My Nan once gave me the advice: … Continue reading

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sanitary adverts

Ok so the heading may not draw your attention straight away, the subject may seem odd for a gay man to comment on, but I can’t help thinking the creative types are off their rockers. The latest advert to catch … Continue reading

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