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The future is here….MUM has a computer!

Well it had to happen eventually, my Mum now has a PC at years old. I mentioned this to her that I thought it was great, that at 72 she had bought her first PC….she was upset! She thought she … Continue reading

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Money and Happiness

I like to delay gratification to get the most out of any moment. Continue reading

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foggy weather?

Its ok, I don’t mean outside, I mean in my head. I woke at 7am this morning intending spending the whole day writing. Unfortunately my head is in a complete auto-pilot type fog. I’m on my second cup of coffee … Continue reading

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Childhood fantasy and Balaclavas

I always wanted to be a clown! There I’ve said it, text on the paper, words in the either. Wow! How strong are things when you finally realise the hidden depths of one’s fantasy? I had been to a circus when … Continue reading

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Food Stall

 I was hungry till I saw what this vender was offering, (read the big green letters). No Thanks, I’ll pass. Who needs to write comedy when everyday life is full of it. lol

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Future Proof my parents please!

Parents get left behind and need homeschooling in modern world and language. Continue reading

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