Childhood fantasy and Balaclavas

I always wanted to be a clown! There I’ve said it, text on the paper, words in the either. Wow! How strong are things when you finally realise the hidden depths of one’s fantasy? I had been to a circus when I was quite young, maybe it was at Blackpool tower, back in the days when the circus ring used to sink and fill with water. Sealions and the like used to come in and entertain the hoards of amazed children in hand knitted jumpers and some in balaclavas, (the kids’ attire, not the sealions’). What a wonderful invention, the Balaclava. Part hat, part knitted chain mail It gave your face a framing, making it look like it was floating in mid air. They were forced onto young boys’ heads to keep them warm, while managing to create wonderful “cow-licked” hairstyles, when removed like a used condom. If you were really unlucky, they were made of man made fibre. The sparks and electricity would keep one part of your hair standing on end for hours, regardless of how much of her own spit your mother applied liberally as if it were a natural hair gel. I am convinced that this head apparel is in some way responsible for my unruly hair today. It must have acted like a “bad hair day” incubator.

I had seen just how much notice the audience had given the clowns, compared with the other performers. The room seemed to light up, become alive. Laughter and happiness filled the air, and everyone, absolutely everyone was paying attention. It was at that moment that I realised the power of making people laugh. In my home, I was known as tiddler, quite a cute little name for the youngest member of the family, but one which meant my ideas were often overlooked as a youngster. Part of me hated being young, no-one listened to me, they talked over what I had to say. I on the other hand had to wait for a gap in the conversation in order to speak, believe me, there never was one. My family can talk for what seems like an age when you were young. I joke these days that I didn’t speak till I was 18years old, I wasn’t allowed to interrupt my parents.


About rhythmtherapy

I am incurable, I don't have an infection apart from my rather, sick at times, sense of humour. I see the funny side of most of life and am the QUEEN of inuendo. I make no apologise for swearing as I find it adds real passion to what I say.
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One Response to Childhood fantasy and Balaclavas

  1. jonvagg says:

    Of course a lot of people are scared of clowns and think they’re secretly evil and bad…

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