sleep in that? you gotta be joking? LOL

Sleepwear…..well some wear only what nature gave them to bed, liking the feel of crisp white, high thread count, 100% Egyptian cotton sheets against their freshly washed skin,(that’ll be me then). Others wear pyjamas or nighties or nightshirts, some wear underpants or as Marylin Monroe, wear only a famous perfume to bed.

It would seem that there is now a bizarre craze for trying to look as cute as a baby, when going to bed. Yes the adult “romper” suit is here. Some like the first picture can be styled to fit your own “personality” precisely, take a look at the manufacturer’s website:

I had a look after hearing that a well-known high street discount brand had animal inspired adult romper sleepsuits in at Christmas. This particular website goes a lot further than most allowing you to custom design your romper suit. Type of ears-tail-bumflap-pattern and fabric-pockets-feet-gloves etc. etc.

I can just see it now….the date has gone well, you feel confident enough to invite your new love interest back to your home. Then you use those immortal words: “I’ll just go and slip into something more comfortable.” This creates an excited grin on the new lovers face.
Unfortunately this then changes with a clatter as their jaw hits the floor, followed by an unstopable tirade of raucous laughter, as you appear in the living room doorway, dressed head to toe in an adult romper suit resembling either:

A cow; a dalmatian, a teddy bear, a pig or a puppy, complete with ears and a tail. LOL Ah well such a short relationship….NEXT. Love interest leaves with a story to entertain every future dinner party they attend.

Speaking as someone that likes to go camping a lot, I can really see the benefit of one of these fleece fabric all-in-ones or onesies as they have been called. BUT I’m sorry there is no way even I could be seen in one of them.
Imagine the postman, slightly hung over rings your doorbell and the door is opened by you dressed as a fleecy sheep with cotton tail, ears and mittens…….SCREAM!

by Randy Wornhole


About rhythmtherapy

I am incurable, I don't have an infection apart from my rather, sick at times, sense of humour. I see the funny side of most of life and am the QUEEN of inuendo. I make no apologise for swearing as I find it adds real passion to what I say.
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8 Responses to sleep in that? you gotta be joking? LOL

  1. Well then Randy, I’ve noticed over time that your wears are not as they say “norm”
    I am now making it my lifes number one aim to see you in a “onesie” lol.
    Wish me good luck everyone x
    Love your blog, outside the box as always.

    • LOL well perfectpoetry if you can find a onsie that matches my own bizzare style I may, I did say may, wear it…..but I don’t think they do a New York Taxi version lol Good luck with the hunt…lol.
      If I’m to wear one, then we need a picture of you in one too!

  2. Jon Vagg says:

    I can see some use for them – I used to live next door to a retired guy who’d go across the road to the convenience store for milk and a newspaper each day in slippers and dressing gown. An all-in-one would have been a little less revealing… Personally, though, I’m not remotely tempted…

  3. Er, I think the only ones who can be persuaded wearing those things are people who is planning an elaborate joke, wearing it as a costume, or lives alone. Though I did see the plain onesies, it’s not that bad as these.

    • LOL i think if a relationship has got to the stage that each wears a onsie to bed….time to get seperate rooms lol.
      be great for camping, though not while on safari….you might get shot if anyone sees you wandering about the camp in one lol

  4. This would be great for a family or kids slumber party! I just don’t know if I could bring this camping, it might attract animals hahaha. But it is cute and fun.

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