Make-up Overkill

Had a little giggle to myself this morning on the way to work. I usually walk through a well known Chemist shop, part of a rather large chain. Every morning I look over at the make-up counter thinking that most of it is too pale and uninteresting to me, as you can guess I love the flourescent make-up that glows under UV light. I happened to notice this morning one of the make-up counter staff, who was wearing more make-up than they usually do…and that’s saying something!

I became transfixed by her look…..myself and circus clowns wear less make-up. I think some of the chemicals in her make-up box must have reacted together and explded in her face! she looked like she had a latex mask on, the amount foundation could have supported a three storey house! The amount of blusher could have painted the house both inside and outside, and the amount of eyeliner and mascara could have re-surfaced the M6!

How can they think that you’d buy any make-up from them. THEY WEAR THE WHOLE COUNTER AT ONCE! Let alone asking them to make you over. After they’d finished, you’d need to work out at the gym for a couple of weeks just to be able to carry the extra weight that your face is caked in!

I remember the old addage: Less is More!

by Randy Wornhole


About rhythmtherapy

I am incurable, I don't have an infection apart from my rather, sick at times, sense of humour. I see the funny side of most of life and am the QUEEN of inuendo. I make no apologise for swearing as I find it adds real passion to what I say.
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2 Responses to Make-up Overkill

  1. You know when you don’t wash fake tan off your hands, they go bright orange.
    I’m thinking is that what my face looks like?
    Love your observation. It might be like sponsorship labels on sportsman, the more they where, the more they get paid lol.

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