Always good to have “insider” knowledge

Being of the male persuasion…most of the time, and having lots of female friends, and also because my main job is in sexual health, I become privvy to lots of informaton and advice from women of all ages. The topics are many and varied, but one area I thought I was quite knowledgable in was sex and pleasure….it is my main job after all. So obviously I thought there was very little I could learn that I hadn’t heard before. WELL I have recently been chatting to a female friend who is a sexual health nurse and discovered some really good advice which I thought I should pass on the the world. It involves female sexual pleasure and shopping……wonderful topics in their own right….but combined….WOW FABULOUS! lol.

I have, on occassion been asked to go with some female friends to shop for items of a rather personal nature, sanitary towels, knickers, bras etc. and on more than one occassion I have assisted with the purchase of VERY personal items…like vibrators. Once I even had to return a particular type after a week for a work colleague, because she had managed to dislocate the poor creature (hint at what type it was) leaving only its ears in the upright position. The shop assistant looked highly embarresed and dealt with the problem very quickly to get me out of the shop with replacement in hand…but no bag!
NOW…here comes the advice bit:

Apperntly when buying vibrators, it is a good idea to try it out by switching it on while the tip is touching the tip of your nose. This is because the tip of your nose is as sensitive to vibration as your lady-bits. If the vibrator is good enough to make you sneeze…BUY THE THING WITHOUT HESITATION……WHATEVER IT COSTS!!

The only downside is that shop assistents may think you are checking if they are “second hand” or not using the sniff test. Don’t be put off. lol
Happy shopping! Let me know how you got on.


About rhythmtherapy

I am incurable, I don't have an infection apart from my rather, sick at times, sense of humour. I see the funny side of most of life and am the QUEEN of inuendo. I make no apologise for swearing as I find it adds real passion to what I say.
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5 Responses to Always good to have “insider” knowledge

  1. Hmm, interesting. Wonder if that works for Hitachi wands too?

  2. LOL! Amazing! Does this test really work for everyone? I wonder what the ‘science’ is behind it. Who’d have thunk it????? LOL.

  3. chriscaff says:

    Dare I say, good tip! LOL

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