Shit Day?

I’ve had a shit day today……I got lots of little jobs done that have been hanging around for ages, had a beautiful breakfast, while watching the sun come up outside my kitchen window. Had a lovely chat with some brilliant close friends. We sat outside and had a laugh, sipping coffee and passing the time. My flat is now nice and tidy and looking like I’ve spent a lot of time on it.

How does that add up to a shit day I hear you ask………….WELL, SHIT has been the topic of conversation four times today! How is it possible to talk so much shit, without it being in th company of a politician? I spoke to a friend this morning about his IBS and how many times he had to go to the toilet in the night for fear of re-decorating the duvet cover. Then this afternoon I had two in-depth conversations of the joys of turds not flushing away and what you do to rid the bowl of offending floating excremental deposits, and people’s fascination with the whole process of personal waste flushing. Then this evening I had another shit conversation about men thinking that bleach will somehow miraculously cause a rather large deposit to break up and flush itself away. It is possible that the only two things that bleach will do is:

1. Kill off the germs that live in this unwanted brown submarine

2. Give  it a make-over….turning it blond, without a trip to the sallon….as we know…never a good idea to try to bleach your own at home. lol

So it has been a wonderful but shit day.

Just off to the smallest room in the house……….


About rhythmtherapy

I am incurable, I don't have an infection apart from my rather, sick at times, sense of humour. I see the funny side of most of life and am the QUEEN of inuendo. I make no apologise for swearing as I find it adds real passion to what I say.
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One Response to Shit Day?

  1. LOL! Easy Randy. I might have known you’d be telling everyone about something to do with the nether regions. Hope all is well with you?

    We’ll chat closer to the gig on the 4th December no doubt.

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